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When you go to a yoga class, you probably hear your teacher cue your breathing more often than they cue the actual postures. Pranayama is the sanskrit term for breathwork and it's central to the practice of yoga. And ya know what? You'd be hard pressed to find any spiritual tradition that doesn't have some kind of focus on the breath. Your breath is the key. And not just because you literally can't have life without your breath (well, if you're a human). In many traditions it's considered THE vehicle to access a realized/enlightened/nirvana/samadhi/(whatever your tradition calls it) state. Which makes sense - your breath is one of the only body functions that are controlled both automatically and consciously. You can choose to breathe and control your breath, but the minute you stop doing that, your body just goes on breathing without any thought on your part. It is, quite literally, the bridge between [...]

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I love your body and I want you to love and appreciate it just as much as I do. It’s my mission to help you discover just how amazing you are and to help you level up in awesomness!

I’m a yoga teacher + therapeutic bodyworker who focuses on getting you tuned into your body so you can feel healthier, happier and more alive. We’ll get there by balancing alignment with movement and bodywork so you can advance your yoga practice while keeping your body and spirit aligned.

Come join me in creating a world where we all love our bodies and start to #movehappy!

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